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Newsletter of the Older Women's Network, Europe

Issue 4;
June 1997

Iris Bergmiller
  • Editorial:
    Iris Bergmiller - Maria Teresa Marziali

  • OWN News, Europe
    • UK Government challenges the European Commission Elizabeth Sclater
    • OWN, Europe Second Board meeting Henriette Dodd
    • OWN, Europe postcards Elizabeth Sclater
    • Habitat II Jean Kysow
    • Meeting Project Women from NÄF meet Women from AIDA Hiltrud Wessling und Lisa Gudehege

  • News from different Countries
    • Germany European Social Security Systems from the Woman's Viewpoint (from: "Zweiwochendienst", N° 117, 1996)
    • Germany Meetings with Women in Rjasan, Russia Hiltrud Wessling
    • Germany Voluntary Worker under Discussion Hiltrud Wessling
    • Germany Older Women's Network in Ratisbona Lydia Willkop
    • Germany Later Life as a Rest Phase: a model that no longer exists - Interview with Betty Friedan by Gabriele Kunz
    • Germany Retired Professional Women Advise Younger Women - (from the Hamburg Zweiwochendienst)
    • Germany Life Alternatives - alternative housing for young and old Ingeborg Dörries
    • Germany Education for Women at the People's University of Rüsselsheim Iris Bergmiller
    • Germany Women and Creativity Monika Roth
    • Italy Mila Spini
    • Belgium Being a man, or being a woman in our changing society
    • Marie-Claire Boulet
    • United Kingdom Reminiscing Project Monika Schmid Jenkinson

  • European Projects for Older Women
    • Changing Track in the Third Age Ingeborg Dörries
    • Spider Women Iris Bergmiller

  • Creativity
    • Life's Green Winter (un unknown authoress)
    • Values (Eva Strittmayer)

  • National Contacts

  • Supporters

  • NGOs supported by the European Commission

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